May 25, 2017

This week we keep the people of Manchester in our prayers. We pray for the victims of violence, for their families, and for a free nation that must confront terror without becoming something else altogether. We pray for world leaders as they seek to respond, and we pray for our enemies, that they be disarmed by the grace and peace of God, the very God they distort and misrepresent.

WAES needs your help! The food bank is now giving out eggs, but is low on cartons. If you have a spare empty carton, bring to the church and Edna will see that it gets to where it belongs. Also, they are currently short on canned vegetables and laundry soap.

This week! Celebrate "May Time in Weston," a concert and fundraiser, on Saturday, May 27 at 7 pm. Harold promises world-class performers (and he always delivers) a raffle, and topical spring music. Tickets are $20 and available from Harold, Barbara P., Ann, Joyce K., Michael, and Terry.

A special thanks to Kathy and everyone involved in High Tea. The tea was refreshing, the food tasty, and the hats fabulous!

Worship at Central

We call it traditional worship with a twist. The service unfolds with the usual scripture-sermon-prayer format, but the added dimension of congregational participation and lots of interaction. We honour the children with their own place in the service, and prepare them for Church School. We have both Junior and Senior Choirs, an occasional Jazz ensemble and regular solo performances.

We follow the Revised Common Lectionary, which is available here.

This Sunday's Readings:

Psalm 47: "For God reigns over all the earth!"

Acts 1.1-11: "You will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth."

Read last week's sermon


A note arrived from Diana Stapleton, Chair of Weston Area Emergency Support: "WEAS is so very fortunate to have your organizations' faithful and generous support. Your monthly donations will help us to ensure we have enough food for 800 people that come to us each month for support. We will use the money to buy fruits, vegetables, and chicken to add to the cans and packages that people donate so that our community members have a healthy diet...thank you for walking with us and caring for your community."

The Jubilate Singers present “Canada” a joint concert with Village Voices and Men of Note, with over 100 singers on stage conducted by Isabel Bernaus and Oksana Vignan, with amazing guest musicians Robert Graham, pianist and Michelle Jacot, clarinet. Featuring Missa Pax by Timothy Corlis and a celebration of Canadian folksongs. Saturday, June 3 at Asbury & West United Church, 3180 Bathurst Street, 7.30 pm. Tickets are $25 and available at the door (Seniors $20, Students $15, 12 and under, free).

Weston King Neighbourhood Centre, in partnership with the Weston Library presents a Storytelling Writing Group beginning on on Tuesday, May 30 from 6 to 8 pm. Bring a sample of any work you wish to share, and perhaps copies of your work to handout for a chance to get back some feedback from members of the group.

Our annual church picnic will take place on Sunday, June 11, beginning around 1 pm. After worship we travel to the Moffat's in Campbellville and enjoy lunch and games. Bring a chair and lunch (and some to share if you wish). Children and small dogs will chase you until you are tired.

Summer worship begins at Central on Sunday, June 18 beginning at 10 am. Worship and visit with friends from Weston Presbyterian Church.

Tea and kid's crafts too!

A Minute for Mission

Mission & Service partner the Middle East Council of Churches is bringing together groups of Christian and Muslim youth in Lebanon to discuss, work, and play together to bridge cultural differences and reject judgment and stereotypes.

Were we the only ones?

I went with Michael to the South West Presbytery Church Expo held in a large white tent, on freshly mown grass. We, along with others, had a display table to show people what Central is doing in Weston-Mount Dennis. Down the middle of the tent was a food table so we could refresh ourselves after talking too much. We were right beside the entrance which made it easy to catch people’s attention as we greeted them.

The drop-in had made an eye-catching display board telling about the various programs. It showed photos of both the people who used the services and the activities. We had colourful handouts and a display of harm reduction materials too. All this gave us opportunities to talk to people about Central and Michael would ask them. “Are we the only ones handing out condoms today?”

Also on our table, we had a continuous-loop laptop display of photos of the congregation taking part in various activities and a framed picture loaned by Lang, of Eric’s drawings of the church building over the years. The recent drawing showing CKSR beside the church gave us a chance to talk about its value in housing seniors.

Many of the people I spoke with knew of Central or had visited—some as visiting speakers. One minister said he drove by on the way to visit people in West Park. Another person said she remembered the wonderful choir. A tall man received the minutes of the Boards’ meetings, while another man confessed he examined our finances so was interested to see the spending illustrated.

Just as take-down was announced, Jordon Cantwell, the Moderator, who had been circling the room, made her way to our table. She showed an enthusiastic interest in what we were doing. We were closing up to go into the church to hear her address in five minutes, but she didn’t rush and took time to take note of the display and ask us questions. She provided a perfect ending to an enjoyable time talking about Central and its outreach programs.

Barbara Bisgrove

Community Announcements

This weekend (May 27-28) is Doors Open Toronto, an opportunity to visit 150 sites of local or historical note. The curatorial theme Fifteen Decades of Canadian Architecture shines light on the evolution of Canadian architecture, with a special focus on Centennial-period buildings and architects from the 1960s. Buildings in the area include TARIC Islamic Centre, Lambton House, and Congregation Knesseth Israel. Visit the website for more information.

Inorganic Market E-Waste Collection continues, this time at Jane/Dundas Library, 620 Jane Street on Saturday, May 27 from 1 to 4 pm. Visit the website for details what is accepted.

Doors Open and Plant Sale at Applewood/The Shaver Homestead, 450 The West Mall, on Sunday, May 28 from 10 am to 5 pm. Open House of 1851 Homestead and plant sale. Healthy perennials from an award-winning garden and friends.

Mount Dennis Public Library presents Healthy Aging, Friday, June 2 at 1.30 pm. A free presentation on seniors healthy aging, delivered by graduating students of The Institute of Holistic Nutrition. Topics will cover general nutritional guidelines, digestive support, helpful foods and supplements for osteoporosis and arthritis. To register call 416-394-1008.

The Weston Historical Society will be holding its General Meeting on Wednesday, June 7th at Humber Heights Retirement Home, 7.30 pm. The guest speaker will be Doug Taylor, speaking on “Movie Theatres of Toronto—Memories of Lost Movie Theatres.” 2245 Lawrence Avenue West.

The Weston Heritage Conservation District Garage Sale will be held on Saturday, June 10 from 8 am to 2 pm (Rain or shine). 153 King Street.

In the Library

The Story of Christianity by David Bentley Hart.

David Bentley Hart provides a broad picture of Christian history. Presented in 50 short chapters—each focusing on a critical facet of Christian history or theology, and each amplified by timelines, quotations, and colour images—his magisterial account does full justice to the range of Christian tradition, belief and practice—Eastern Orthodox, Roman Catholic, Anglican, Presbyterian, Evangelical, Coptic, Chaldean, Ethiopian Orthodox, Armenian Orthodox, Malankaran, to name but a few of the many possibilities.

Worth a Look

They don't call KLM "Royal Dutch Airlines" for nothing.

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