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Free Income Tax Clinics With tax season upon us, a number of income tax clinics are being offered throughout Ward 11 to help you prepare and file your income taxes (appointments are required):

-Access Alliance Tax Clinic: 761 Jane Street, 2nd Floor- For those with a household income of less than $30K for a single person, $40K for a couple, $35K for a single parent with 1 child, $45K for a couple with 1 child (+ $2,500) for each additional dependent, and $50K for a senior couple. To schedule an appointment call 416.760.2815 ext. 350 on Tuesdays (4-7 pm), Thursdays (9 am - 7 pm) and Saturdays (10 am - 3:30 pm).

-George Syme Seniors Centre of York: 33 Pritchard Avenue- For information call 416.766.0388.

-Jane-Dundas Public Library: 620 Jane Street- For information call 416.394.1014

-Mount Dennis Public Library: 1123 Weston Road- For information call 416.394.1008

-Weston Library: 2 King Street- For information call 416.394.1016

-Weston Mount Dennis Community Place Hub: 1765 Weston Road- Running every Wednesday from 5:30-7 pm, March 8-May 30, for those of modest income/simple tax situations with incomes less than: $30K for a single person, $35K for single parent with dependent (+$2,500 for each additional dependent), and $40K for a couple (+$2,500 for each dependent). For information call 416.323.1429.


David Sinnah, Wansalone Community Services 416-268-7583 at 202-1949 Weston Road. Email: February 13, 2017 to April 24, 2017.