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Mallory, William Henry Sr.

MALLORY, William Henry Sr. (1830-1886) was active in southern Ontario from 1877 onward. No information can be found on his early career, but his name first appears in Chatham in 1877 where he was in practice with his son John W. Mallory. In October of that year he submitted an entry in the competition for the Stratford High School (Stratford Beacon, 5 Oct. 1877. 2). More than thirty designs were sent in by architects from the United States and Canada, and Mallory was one three finalists, but his proposal was set aside and the commission later awarded to McCaw & Lennox. In 1881 he moved to Toronto and later that year he formed a partnership with Silas James (see list of works under James, Mallory & Mallory). By July of 1882 this relationship had ended and he continued to work under the name of Mallory & Son until October 1885 when their business name was changed to Mallory & Company. He died in Toronto on 11 May 1886 and his two sons John W. and Frank S. inherited the practice (death notice in the Globe [Toronto], 12 May 1886, 8; OA, York County Wills 6078).

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